New: Rukka ArmaS two-piece

New product showcase from Visordown

If you do thousands and thousands of miles, this is the sort of suit you should be looking at if you don’t fancy wearing made-to-measure leathers.

It’s big bucks – the same price as bespoke leathers.

The zip, sorry, Gore Lockout Closure, is a masterstroke of waterproof design. The suit’s made from a Gore-Tex ProShell 3-layer laminate with Armacor product technology (how tough does that sound?).

It features high-tech fibres like aramid (Kevlar) and Cordura with tear and abrasion resistant GTX Super Fabric reinforcements. Jacket and trousers have removable linings with 60g insulation.

There are some lovely touches like the magnetic collar and also the cuff is designed to create a weatherproof seal with the top of the glove.

Price: Jacket - £999.99, Trousers - £729.99