Used Review: Berik 3256 one piece leathers

Used product showcase from Visordown

As a newbie to the team and in need of some leathers for my first test I was told to reign in all ideas of gold/white one piece suits and was kindly given the Berik to wear.

I immediately liked the simplicity of their looks and the fact it came with velcro letters to add the racer touch to it. Shame the guys wrote jizzgobbler on it and left me unable to change it mid-shoot.

It’s a heavy suit and feels tougher for it and in turn took a fair while to bed in but it’s got a removable liner which is dead handy as I do tend to sweat like a rapist.

It’s been loaned out, survived a crash at Brands and only needed a slight tidy up. It’s now my reserve black suit for the odd classic shoot.

Price: From £569.90