The latest winter hand protection from Oxford

My winter biking wardrobe consists of not very waterproof waterproof boots & gloves, Textile thermal lines trousers, a Knox long sleeved base layer, Gerbins heated vest, Textile jacket, a thermal neck tube and of course my trusty helmet.

To be honest riding through the winter with that lot on is pretty manageable. Things are generally warm and dry with the exception of my hands and feet. This is because every single pair of waterproof gloves and boots I have ever owned have always ended up letting in water within 20 minutes of riding in rain. I’m tucking my gloves under my jacket sleeves, tucking my boots under my trouser legs but still, water gets in somehow.

So this year I intend to remedy these weaknesses in my winter defence system!

First fix is the gloves. I’m going to take a leaf out of the die hard London couriers book for this one - Muffs! I know they make the bike look ugly but they are actually pretty clever.

Firstly they fit in 3 minutes so they can be easily whipped off for those dry Sunday blasts. Secondly they reduce 100% of wind blast because they are made out of waterproof wind-stopping Gore-Tex, so you can wear your summer gloves to keep warm and dry, well that’s the theory anyway.

These ones are from Oxford products and can be picked up for just under £30. they even have pockets inside!.

I'll let you know how they stand up. You can buy them from here.