Haslam endorsement for Bridgestone BT-023

Battlax BT-023s approved by Ron Haslam

Legendary racer and sideburn'ed riding mentor Ron Haslam has given his stamp of approval to Bridgestone's BT-023 tyres.

Haslam gave the BT-023 a shake-down on the track, his verdict: "The BT-023 is a touring tyre with the performance of a sports tyre. For a sports touring tyre the performance is incredible. I give the BT- 023 ten out of ten and will definitely be fitting this model to the bikes at my school."

For the BT-023 Bridgestone identified the clear fundamentals of touring as; riding comfort, high speed stability and long mileage in all weather conditions. Focussing on this Bridgestone have developed the BT-023 to deliver consistently high performance with the belief that it will be ideal for the everyday rider who also enjoys track days. The BT-023 also caters for larger bikes with a GT spec developed for heavier touring bikes.

Bridgestone say that the BT-023 delivers greatly improved wet-grip, low-noise, light-handling, sharp-braking and superb shock-absorption which makes smooth work of the toughest trip.

In Summary:

  • The BT-023 uses the ground-breaking RC Polymer, a rubber which gives a better silica distribution to improve tread flexibility for enhanced low temperature and wet performance and grip.
  • The BT-023 is designed with an angle-groove pattern with additional advances like Mono-Spiral Belt technology for top-level grip, shock absorption, straight line stability at high speeds, and Silica Rich Ex construction.
  • The rear tyre also has a 3-Layer Compound (3LC) which gives it reassuring grip through corners while the centre compound has a wide contact area adding stability and smoothness when cruising.
  • The technology behind the BT-023 also provides improved rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption and tyre noise which has resulted in a more confident, more efficient ride.

Visit Bridgestone’s Biker’s Club to see the BT-023 in action and for a chance to win a pair.