First impressions: PJB ‘Garage Defender Master’ and padlock, £63.00

Thieves are literally barred

UP-and-over garage doors aren't exactly high-security. I’m rectifying that with this Garage Defender from PJB.

I chose it because I was impressed with their massive Untouchable chain.

I haven’t fitted it yet but it looks straightforward. Two expandable raw bolts secure a steel plate to the concrete base of the garage. The ‘Defender unit’ – that thing with the big black metal bar on it – is secured to the plate with a padlock. It’s a bit like a hasp and staple lock except the hasp (or Defender unit) isn’t hinged and comes right off.

In place, it obviously creates a considerable obstruction to opening the door.

The bolt heads can’t be accessed because one is under that disc-shaped silver padlock and the other behind the garage door.

The locking pin on the under-side of the padlock is also inaccessible.

So hopefully it should improve the garage security situation by several hundred percent.

I suppose my only slight reservation about locks like this is they act a bit like a sign saying ‘Valuable stuff in here.’

But I’d rather take precautions than not.

It’s got a ‘domestic security’ Bronze rating from Sold Secure and costs £63 for the lot.

I’ll write a fuller review after I’ve used it for a while.

Product: PJB ‘Garage Defender Master and padlock

Price: £63


The padlock

How it should look when fitted.


BubbaDaytona's picture

The weak point is the angle and the bar. Either they just flex in the door with a prybar, or cut the whole thing off with an angle grinder in seconds.

Steve Farrell's picture

There's only so much more you can do to secure an up-and-over garage door. It would probably be easier to cut through the door itself than this garage defender. I'd rather have it than not, though. A ground-anchor inside the garage is another line of defence.

I like the garage design that you have in place, i also agree cutting through the door would be much easier.

can it be broken? I think if it was made by hard metal, it won't easily be broken

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