Bosch motorcycle-to-vehicle communication technology

Bosch motorcycle-to-vehicle communication technology

"Get connected for greater safety on the roads"

FOR SOME of us, any mention of next-generation motorcycle technology is shrugged off as unrealistic nonsense, attempting to remove the true skill involved in riding. For others it's a daymare conjured up by Cyberdyne Systems, far too overwhelming to comprehend.

Considering the last few months has seen the unveiling of concepts from both BMW and Honda for self-balancing bikes and Kawasaki's vehicle communication technology, I think it could be time to start accepting that Artificial Intelligence in the motorcycle industry is well and truly on our doorsteps.

Along with these other major brands developing future technologies, Bosch have now also joined the game after releasing a short video explaining their new motorcycle-to-vehicle communication concept.

The aim of the concept is to drastically reduce road accidents using a system that would alert both motorists if an imminently hazardous situation is detected. This is demostraded in the clip below, with motorcyclists receiving an audio warning and drivers an alert via their sat-nav in the event of a possible on-coming accident, providing both with the opportunity to react.

Potential hazards will be identified by taking into account multiple information, including vehicle-type, speed, acceleration, position and direction of travel.

Bosch explain that, "Motorcycle-to-vehicle communication belongs to the innovative connectivity systems, which enables predictive warning and information exchange based on cloud data to make riding safer and more comfortable."

Here's a preview of the technology.