PJB Untouchable 19mm x 2.0m security chain and lock, £189.99

PJB Untouchable 19mm x 2.0m security chain and lock, £189.99

Making life as difficult as possible for thieves

IF there’s a bigger chain than this, it’s probably attached to the anchor of a cross-channel ferry.

Each link uses 19mm-thick alloy steel. There might be a thicker motorcycle security chain available but I haven’t heard of it.

It’s also one of the longest chains you can get, at two metres (and there’s even a 2.5-metre one for an extra £20).

It’s available with a simple, stubby lock (pictured below) at £189.99 all-in, or with a Squire SS65CS, the daddy of padlocks, also costing an extra £20.

Mine came with the stubby lock but I already happened to have a Squire padlock so I've used it with both. The stubby one is probably more weather resistant, even though the cap over the keyhole has long-since gone walk-about. The Squire (shown below) seems to require a drop of oil more frequently.

The stubby one also doubles as a formidable disc lock on my SV650S, although it’s too thick for some other bikes.

I’ve had the chain for seven years, in which time I’ve used it to secure innumerable expensive test bikes and, well, none has been nicked. A security chain can’t do better than that.

Couple it with a ground anchor embedded in concrete (not a wall-mounted one as pictured) and you’ll be making the life of any would-be thief about as difficult as anything can.

Just make sure the links aren’t too big for the ground anchor before buying one. And don’t expect to be able to cart the chain around on your bike. This thing weighs 15.8kg, not including the lock.

The protective sleeve was originally secured at either end inside those plastic cuffs but came away from them when the chain was quite new. I suppose I could fix it with zip ties but I haven’t got around to it.

Product tested: PJB Untouchable 19mm x 2.0m security chain and lock, £189.99

Price: £189.99