First impressions: Kriega Hydro-2

Kriega has made a name for itself producing high-quality motorbike rucksacks and soft panniers. I tested out their latest lightweight hydration pack.

THE KRIEGA Hydro-2 is a small hydration pack aimed at the competitive enduro market. It’s uncompromising light and compact, so if you are looking for hydration pack that can also hold your keys and phone, the larger Hydro-3 is better.

The plumbing is taken care of by Californian brand Hydropak, with a neat two litre bladder that is easy to fill and clean with its fold and sliding seal. The bladder has a band that zips together down the center on the inside, pulling the bag flat and allowing a much better fit across your back, although this does come at the sacrifice of some liquid volume.

The drink tube also disconnects from the bladder (almost) drip free, making its easier to fill the bladder outside the bag and then just drop it in and connect the tube. At the mouth end the tube attaches to the straps with velcro, it’s long enough and had a well designed mouthpiece making it easy to use with your lid on.

Like a lot of Kriega's equipment, the ace card is just how well the hydration pack fits your body. Arms up (if you’re able) if you have ever broken a collarbone in a motorbike accident... I have and as a result offen suffer discomfort from conventional rucksack straps.

But Kriega's Quadloc system - the chest clasp and shaped shoulder straps (with a waist strap for extra security) - pull the pack tight onto your chest taking the strain off your shoulders, making the brand's bags the most comfortable packs I have used.  

I've been using this bag for a couple on months now, on both my GS and enduro training days. I've even used it while cycling, and found it to be as comfortable without heavy motorcycle gear underneath.

It's so easy to fill and clean and perfect for carrying the fluids you need but nothing else - if you want a pocket for your mobile have a look at is bigger brother, the Hydoro-3. 

At £99, the Hydro-2 is good value for money and extremely well built - as with Kriega's other equipment, the cordura bag is extremely hard wearing and after almost four months of frequent use, shows no signs of snags or tears.

For more information, or to buy the Hydro-2, click here

Words and photos by Leo Westland. 

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