Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Reviews

Tired of Japanese conformity? Add a dash of sophistication to the cold winter's mire with these air-cooled alternatives.

Better-looking than the concept bike that spawned it, Guzzi's bruiser is sportier than you'd think - so much so that our man nearly had a 'wardrobe malfunction'.

In my youth there were few bikes that I really hankered for. One was the Suzuki GT750 Kettle - that was my dream bike - but one other was a close second...the Moto Guzzi Le Mans

For 30 years the Moto Guzzi California has always been the cornerstone of the Guzzi range. The 'Cali' has survived by doing what it does best: laid-back, cruising in the finest American tradition

Two years after being taken over by Aprilia the eagle is once again flying over the Moto Guzzi factory at Mandello del Lario. So, wossit like then?

Classic styling for these retro inspired modern bikes, Triumph, Ducati and Moto Guzzi all have what it takes. But who's got it licked?

Plucky Italians go chasing a slice of the big-money BMW GS Adventure pie with a re-worked Stelvio. But does the pricer, torquier NTX stand a chance?

Subtle just got a whole lot cooler as the already great looking Griso gets an overhaul

Beautiful retro looks coupled with characterful engine layout, could this be the ultimate Italian pose?

The new Moto Guzzi V7 Classic could be the perfect bike if you are looking for a classic but don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Despite sounding like a Greek travel rep Guzzi could be tapping a gold mine with its new adventure bike

Moto Guzzi come out swinging with their new Breva V11, and they've got BMW's R1150R boxer twin up against the ropes.