Buell Motorcycle Reviews

With a reputation for constant niggles and occasional disasters, our survey says Buells are by no means the nightmare of common lore

After a fairly troublesome birth Buell’s 1125R is back. But have they got it right this time?

Spawned from the much-maligned Ulysses comes the latest entry to the adventure tourer world, Buell’s Ulysses XB12XT

Having run out of weather related names Buell decided to stick with its current monikers for the latest offerings. We put them through their paces

Buell's naked, promises big kicks from its punchy motor but with a wheelbase smaller than a gnat's wheelbarrow, sharp handling too

If we bought motorbikes using our head alone, Buell would be out of business. Will the 1125CR help Buell onwards and upwards?

When you think about racing, you don't think about Buell. So can a manufacturer who's used to building bikes around Harley engines build a decent sportsbike?

Bertie Simmonds reports back from the launch of Buell's 1125CR

25 years in the making and Erik Buell finally makes the bike he always dreamed of: a liquid-cooled V-twin with plenty of poke and handling to die for. So has junking the Harley engines given Buell a new edge?

A supermoto, sort of, from the land that invented the genre.

It's apocalypse now as Buell unveil their see-through CityX. Is it the must-have new machine for the urban wasteland?

"So, gentlemen, as you can see, the new XB9S Lightning is the latest generation in the street-inspired Buell family and a different take on the Buell XB series."