What The Press Say: Kawasaki Versys 1000 reviews

Kawasaki add to the Versys range with a new 1000cc older brother, here's what the British press made of it

Here's what the British motorcycling press said in their 2012 Kawasaki Versys 1000 reviews:

"Unlike the ZX-10R, Z/SX riding experience, though, there was something lacking in terms of the riding experience. I felt. Nothing really stood out as being particularly special. That was until I looked at the price...At £9499, it's a grand cheaper than a base model BMW GS and 1,500 quid less than the equivalent Ducati Multistrada. Only the Triumph Tiger matches it pound for sterling pound, leaving me wondering which one I'd go for." John Hogan, Superbike - April 2012

"Its odd looks will always raise questions, but the engine won’t, it’s a peach. There’s loads of low down, a nice spread of torque and the dollop of top end power should see it as the quickest bike in this category. It’s also extremely comfortable, will eat mile after mile all day long and handles reasonably well (up to a point, the front is questionable when pushed really hard). For under £10,000 it makes great value for money when compared to the competition. Overall it’s an accomplished all-round, reliable tourer." Adam Child, Motorcycle News

"I’m definitely a fan of the Versys because I can see the potential it has to offer. It will do touring, you could commute on it and it’s capable of scratching on the weekends. In other words, it ticks all the boxes. And while there are plenty of other sports-tourers that will offer the same abilities, few will come at such an affordable price - £9499. It’s only when you take a second to compare specs that you realise just how much bike you’re getting for your money on the Versys." Bruce Wilson, Motorcycle Sport & Leisure - February 2012

"If you want to tour two-up in comfort and value a bike that’s equally good on twisty roads as it is on the motorway, then stick with the Versys 650. If you want to blast from A to B on a bike with a high up and commanding riding position, that cruises at 100mph in comfort, delivers good fuel economy and has a great tank range, then buy a Versys 1000 and fit a larger screen - it's a great tour bus for your next rock 'n roll adventure." Ben Cope, Visordown - December 2011 Read the full review