What The Press Say: 2012 BMW S1000RR reviews

BMW have revised the S1000RR for 2012, here's a round-up of the reviews from the British press

Here's what the British motorcycling press said in their 2012 BMW S1000RR reviews:

"Let’s face it, the S Thou’ is a proper barmy lunatic, and is in stark contrast to the sober Japanese rivals. Only John McGuinness (if he rode for BMW) or Ghostrider would have plums big enough to exploit the RR’s potential on the road. It’s a race bike for the road, and now the chassis finally matches the motor’s pace.” Alastair Fagan, Fast Bikes – May 2012

"The first S1000RR was already leagues ahead of the competition, thanks to its huge power and cutting-edge electronics, but BMW has improved their fire-breathing superbike in every area. Thanks to a host of small, but important mods, it has more grunt, a smoother power delivery, quicker steering, better suspension and more refined electronics. Never has 195bhp been so easy to control." Adam Child, Motorcycle News

"It is impossible not to compare the bike with the R1 I was riding the week before, and the truth is that on the track the BMW feels like it makes mincemeat of it in every way. Its suspension packaged and track handling were already better, but now the BMW has added flexibility, it feels like the unassailable class leader. I suspect on the roads these things will be much closer, but right here, right now this is the pinnacle." Matt Wildee, Performance Bikes - January 2012

“The first bike was raw and not your typical BMW. In applying a bit of spit and polish, BMW have made the S1000RR more BMW-like in that it's easier to get on with, more user friendly but at the same time more capable.” Ben Cope, Visordown – March 2012 Read the full review