Honda ADV350 (2022) first impressions ride - the new adventure scooter!

Honda ADV350 2022 first impressions review

Let’s have a look at the Honda ADV350 that we have in for review at the moment - with some first impressions from the ride after 50 miles!

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Announced at EICMA 2021, we got our first look at the crossover scooter that combines a bit of X-ADV with a splash of Forza 350, and if you’re in the Asian markets follows a similar recipe to the ADV150. The Honda ADV350 has that adventure style that we love in the X-ADV, but a smart streak recognisable from the Forza range.

We’ve got the scooter in for a few weeks, and have had the chance to head out on some runs in the local area hunting for green lanes - I’ve just recently moved down to Essex, so part of the fun is finding new stomping grounds to hammer down. 

We’ll have a look at what purports to make the ADV350 special, and report back on some of the instant impressions (after around 50 miles). 

Honda ADV350 price in the UK 

You can pick up the new ADV350 for £5,599 from your nearest Honda dealer

It’s available in 3 colours: Spangle Silver Metallic, Matt Carbonium Grey Metallic, and Mat Carnelian Red Metallic. 

We have the grey model in for testing, and I’ve got to say it’s a serious looker! You can see the Honda Rome R&D design, with a bit of design language from the NT1100 in the front end.

Spec & First ride thoughts

Honda coined this scooter the ‘urban adventurer’ and jumping on the scoot that’s instantly apparent from a first ride, and first impressions can often be the most telling. 

Weighing in at 186kg with steel tubular frame, a low centre of gravity (with 795mm seat) and a seriously provocative Showa suspension setup front and rear - 37mm USD forks with 125mm stroke, twin rear Showa shocks with twin remote reservoir and 130mm travel - it feels nicely setup for both nipping around city/town traffic and heading off on countryside blasts. 

The single cylinder 330cc motor is liquid-cooled and smooth to work with. It doesn’t have the famed DCT transmission, instead opting for the just as capable (and lighter) automatic CVT belt final drive, and HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) with dedicated button on the switchgear.

The motor really picks up at low rpm. giving you a nice boost of torque off the line - peaking at 31.5 Nm / 23.2 lb-ft at 5250 rpm. Peak power is found at 7500 rpm to the tune of 28.8 bhp. Doesn’t sound like much, but on this scooter it’s certainly enough to have some great fun - particularly if you take it off the beaten path (to a slightly less beaten path). 

Simply put it fairs well, is nippy, and the Metzeler block-pattern hoops give it a bit of off-road grip - but further green lane tests are pending.

But the ADV350 is still a scooter!

Now for all its bravado and poise for ‘aggressive’ off-roading, it’s still a scooter. The 11.7L tank is said to give you just over 200 miles of range - and I haven’t ridden it enough to know how true that is, to tell the truth. 

Though elsewhere, a real positive for me was the sheer abundance of storage space. Natural for a scooter, sure, but with 48L of underseat storage space it’s enough for two full face helmets (if you’re traveling two-up with the wide rear seat), or a rucksack & lid. 

The front glovebox is hidden away on the left, popping open to reveal a cavernous 2.5L hole - and theres a USB-C socket if you want to charge your device, and/or use the Honda RoadSync app to display some basic info on the new instrument panel.

First impressions ‘verdict’?

My first notes from an initial ride concluded with a slight sticking point on the brakes, which felt incredibly soft with a subdued initial bite - though this is literally a brand new scooter out of the Honda factory, and these are the ceremonial first miles - the Honda champagne was figuratively still wet on the fairing - so it gets a pass until the full review that’ll follow. 

As far as first impressions go, the first few seconds are telling when jumping off at the end of a ride. Despite greasy roads, sharp winds and having no idea where I was half the time (as I say, recently moved) - I had an absolute riot on the scooter. Great fun. 

Keep an eye out for more on the ADV350 in the coming weeks, and let us know if you have any burning questions on social media that you want answering. More on the Honda site!

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