The RC 390 has pushed the limits of A2 and taken the class to a level it needs to go to, one of outright excitement, not just excitement within boundaries
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ABS as standard, bags of fun, handles well, A2 licence friendly, comes with decent tyres
Brakes could be stronger and shock is too soft for heavier riders, finish not as good as Ninja 300 or CBR300
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Submitted by RVF400R on Wed, 24/12/2014 - 00:47

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I've always ridden small capacity sportsbikes including the ZXR400, the RVF400 and the exception to the rule that was my 749. Neither the ZXR or the RVF were minters but the little RC390 with youth and less weight on its side has far superior handling. The chassis and riding position inspires confidence and begs to be flicked from side to side. You find yourself making corners from nothing for fun, mini roundabouts become chicanes for you to play with. The bike also suits larger riders, I'm 6'1" and fit just fine. The single cylinder is about the size of one from the Ducati 749 and as such that's about the height of the engine. The engine is less powerful than the 400 screamers but as a single it has plenty of punch out of the corners and is more than capable of keeping up on all but the lairyest of rideouts. The exhaust has less of a tone and more of a generators buzz...this is vastly improved once the bike is moving so not a major concern. The suspension is great for a bike in this price range but is missing adjustability. With the RC390 cup coming to the UK next year the fully adjustable WP gear should become more available. Not many fans of the original small capacity sportsbikes will agree or admit it, but these modern little sportsbikes with new equipment and two thirds of the weight are better.


- Nimble, flickable handling. - Lightweight - Comfortable (compared to the 400's) - Good tyres. - Affordable. - Economical. - Divisive good looks.


- Average build quality. - Small fuel tank (10.5 litre). - 4,000 mile service intervals. - Would prefer a non A2 version with more power.

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