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This is a brilliant 125 made for anyone from the starter to the more experienced rider. The sporty look and feel to the bike gives it a much more grown up look than its competitors and a part of this effect is due to that massive 150mm rear section tyre. Not only does it give the bike a more mature look, but it provides outstanding grip for anything the 125 would be capable of and gives the rider that extra bit of confidence in the corners. Mechanically the bike is near perfect with immaculate gearing and a very smooth throttle response. The brakes may not have as much bite as other bikes but with disk brakes both front and rear, there's still plenty of braking power and with the additional feature of abs built in as standard, you'll be more confident to stop quicker regardless of the conditions. KTM hasn't just played a copying game from their duke 125 here either. With a revised chassis and a shorter wheelbase, the RC 125 handles much more like a sports bike making it nimble in the corners with plenty of feedback from the front end. The whole bike feels very sturdy and well put together and if you're looking for one of the fastest 125's out there, this should be at the top of your list!


-Very sporty looking -ABS as standard -150mm rear tyre -Very detailed dash with plenty of information clearly displayed -Both the mirrors and the indicators are designed very stylishly and where people would normally pay to have after market parts, here they are standard. -Shorter wheelbase allows for very agile cornering -Riding position is sporty but the wide handle bars eases the pressure on the wrists to allow for a more comfortable ride


-Seat can be found to be a bit uncomfortable for long rides -Can sometimes difficult to see behind from mirrors without shifting body out the way slightly

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