YouTuber imitates Ghost Rider, shouldn’t have tried this at home

YouTuber with 9M subscribers imitates Ghost Rider 'fire bike' in a 'professional' stunt that goes the only way you could expect it to... don't try this at home

Ghost Rider imitation video

We’re a bit loathe to feature this because (I personally think) fanning the flames of notoriety for social media influencers - talented or otherwise - just perpetuates the issue of ‘do anything for publicity’ stunts.

So, we feature this more for the absurdity of the premise and the loudness with which we proclaim ‘don’t try this at home!’... or ‘go do something that doesn’t involve a mobile phone camera’.

Ironically, there is a disclaimer ahead of this video from Mr Indian Hacker - first flagged by Gaadi Waadi -  that rolls out that well worn line and insists that stunts are done only by the professionals.

2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan | Visordown Road Test

Except there is nothing particularly professional here - no matter the vast 9M subscribers - about this attempt to imitate that, err, iconic Ghost Rider film of 2007. But then it does star Nicholas Cage, so who are we to judge?

Anyway, the fairly basic premise here is replicating the image of Ghost Rider’s motorcycle, wheels aflame, with a skeletal Cage playing the protagonist. To be honest though, the two guys here are lucky not to become skeleton as they - minus protective gear - straddle a Pulsar 220, coat the wheels in flammable cloth and - yep - soak it in petrol.

For a brief snapshot it looks quite cool but as we were always told on Bonfire Night, fire is a wicked beast when out of control and things inevitably go that way quickly.

The lads are fine - which is less than can be said for the motorcycle - and, we guess, we’re giving them the publicity they crave, though with 3.2m views we’re late to the party here.

But really there are umpteen ways this could have been a very different kind of video! And all to look like Nicholas Cage (sorry, we’ll lay off him…)

As we say, you should NOT try this at home. And neither should they.