Well, That’s One Way to Check if the Track is Wet...

Spanish Moto3 rider Raul Fernandez Gonzalez has a rather unusual way of checking how wet a track is...

Spanish Moto3 rider Raúl Fernández González

PEOPLE say that millennials are different, strange and sometimes downright scary.

Whilst number 25 Moto3 racer Raúl Fernández isn’t the latter two things, he is certainly the former.

When racing on slicks it’s very important for the riders to know if and how wet the tarmac is, as carrying a bit too much brake into a bend could send them sliding off the race track and into the dirt.

Whilst most riders are content with sticking a boot out to assess grip, Fernadez has a completely different approach...




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Instead, mid-corner at maximum lean, he drags his hand across the tarmac and then calmly assess his palm - all whilst his knee is sliding along the deck.

Pretty spectacular stuff from the Sama Qatar Ángel Nieto Team youngster.

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