This scooter race descends into absolute carnage!

Scooter racing in Asia has everything from overtakes, crashes and even fist-fights on the track!

Scooter crashes and fights

MOST racers are fully aware of the dangers of riding in close proximity to other riders at high-speed and opt a ‘non-contact’ approach to their overtakes – ignoring Jorge Lorenzo’s antics at Catalunya!

That ethos doesn’t seem to have travelled very well though, as we can see from this footage of a scooter race filmed in the far east.

For a start, the temporary circuit they are racing on is no wider than a couple of bikes and is punctuated by tight hairpins that follow long straights. With riders pushing the hard for overtakes in the braking zone, the crashes that follow are hardly surprising – the fights that erupt on the track are more of a shock though!

if one thing's for sure - I wouldn't want to be on the stewards' panel for this one!