Top reasons why you shouldn't ride your motorcycle indoors

Important information that must be spread to the masses.

Ducati Panigale in Livingroom

There are many ways to measure success nowadays, such as: owning a Rolex, buying a yacht, or having over fifty thousand followers on Instagram. But, for us bikers, the ultimate made it symbol is having an exotic motorbike propped up in your living room. With such high social status, one could be easily deluded enough to mount and ride the bike inside, but here are the main reasons why it's a bad idea. 


If you live is a standard two up and two down house then space will be the main issue, certainly no getting your knee down with the coffee table in the room.

Spousal relationship strain

Although you are happy with the idea of riding indoors, your partner might not be as supportive. It's always best to double check and see if they approve.

Unventilated Exhaust particulates

Not only damaging to your health but also likely to make your sofa and carpet all sooty. 

You could look like this guy…

Oh and safety... 

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