Police pull bicycle helmet-wearing biker

That'll teach him to 'grab a bargain' off eBay

POLICE in Sussex have highlighted the use of bicycle helmets after they pulled over one motorcyclist wearing a bicycle helmet that was purchased on eBay.

The man was stopped in Hastings and claimed the helmet was listed as a motorcycle helmet by a Chinese seller on eBay.

Sergeant Phil Duffy from Road Policing Unit said: "When the Kawasaki rider was stopped it was apparent to the road policing officer that his helmet was actually a cycle helmet and not a motorcycle helmet. The rider was under the genuine belief that the crash helmet was suitable for use on a motorcyle and would afford him the proper level of protection if he was involved in a collision on his machine. This was simply not the case.

The Kawasaki rider was not fined but was prevented from riding his bike until he purchased the correct helmet.