Oz Police catch up with BBQ biker

Australian authorities nab motorcyclist carrying dangerous load - TWO years after the event

THIS NUTTER featured on Visordown News back in February 2008 after he was spotted riding his motorbike along the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne, Australia, with a barbecue strapped to his body.

But two and a half years after our wacky news story hit the headlines, it seems the law has caught up with 'The BBQ Biker', after he was fined $800 by an Australian court.

Michael Wiles, 29, was spotted wearing the BBQ on January 27, 2008, after he found the disguarded cooker lying by the side of the road.

A passing motorist snapped the photograph, which subsequently went global and the infamous publicity led to Wiles's identity being revealed to the police.

Wiles pleaded guilty to one count of careless driving, and was fined $800 and had his licence suspended for one month.