Justin Bieber buys 170mph superbike

Is the little squirt about to ruin motorcycling?

POP pip-squeak Justin Bieber has bought a Ducati 848 EVO.

The 18-year old singer doesn't even have a motorcycle licence but that hasn't stopped him splashing out on Ducati's £12,000 exotic superbike, capable of 170mph. Fellow pop singer Usher also has a Ducati 848 in black and allegedly convinced Bieber to buy one too, but this time in white.

Bieber is in good company; Prince William also has a Ducati, except Wills' one costs almost twice as much goes even faster - with a top speed of 190mph.

Quite what Bieber is going to do with his motorcycle, we don't know. Hopefully he'll encourage more young people into motorcycling but it's more likely he'll give us good reason to consider taking up a far cooler hobby.

Like golf..