Japanese tsunami Harley reaches Canada

Washed up on beach 4000 miles from Japan

A HARLEY-DAVIDSON has washed up on a beach in British Columbia after a mammoth journey across the Pacific in the back of a floating removal truck.

Beachcomber Peter Mark discovered the container on Graham Island, and despite having a door ripped off it still held the black Harley, which has survived the trip in remarkably good condition.

According to CBC news, the bike's registration plate shows it has come from Miyagi Prefacture, one of the areas that suffered particularly badly in last year's tsunami.

“It defies all logic,” said Mark, “I cannot for the life of me figure out how that stuff stayed in there. The motorcycle was not strapped down. Everything was just laying loose on the bottom of the floor.”

At the moment, the bike has been left where it was found, since the beach is so remote as to be out of reach without an off-roader; Mark was exploring on his ATV when he found the Harley. However, the licence number and VIN have been passed on to the Japanese authorities to try and track down the bike's owner.