Hearse driver questioned over biker funeral burnout

Aussie undertakers deny claims after witnesses film post send-off antics

A HEARSE DRIVER in Australia is to be questioned by Police after he was spotted performing a burnout at the funeral of a motorcyclist.

It's alleged the driver of the the hearse, owned by John O'Sullivan and Family Funeral Directors, was seen taking part in a multi-car burnout at the young biker's funeral. Witnesses who filmed the tyre-smoking frenzy have handed footage of the stunt to local Police.

Acting Sergeant Dean Owen told The Age newspaper: "Even the priest (and) the parents of the deceased all spoke to the mourners and advised them (against) doing this silly behaviour, but they still went and performed their burnouts within the cemetery precinct itself and out on the road," said acting Sergeant Owen, who described the drivers' actions as "totally idiotic".

John O'Sullivan, the director of O'Sullivan & Family Funeral Directors, denied the claims, saying the hearse, which weighed two tonnes, "was not the sort of vehicle we would use for a drag race of any sort - just use your common sense."

Mr O'Sullivan concluded, in true Aussie fashion, with: "We are a reputable concern. We've been in business for 140-odd years. We don't want this sort of bullshit."