The Gibbs Biski is the boat/bike you never knew you needed!

The Biski is made by Gibbs Sports Amphibians and switches from motorcycle to watercraft at the flick of a button

Gibbs Biski

GLOBAL warming and rising see levels are something that nobody can ignore. The reasons behind the situation is highly debated, but you can’t deny it is happening.

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And rising sea levels means more areas of the globe can and will become flooded, reducing the amount of dry land on which we can play with our bikes. One solution though may have just been found, as Gibbs Sports Amphibians the Biski is here, and we really want one.

It’s a simple enough concept and features a hull like that found on conventional personal watercraft that has the running gear of a motorcycle mounted within it. Power comes from a twin-cylinder petrol engine and the machine produces a claimed 55bhp. That’s enough to power the Biski to a fairly sluggish top speed on land 80mph, although on water it is nearly 40mph.

As anyone who has ridden a Jetski or other personal watercraft will tell you, 40mph when you’re skipping across H2O is plenty fast enough.

The really clever part of the machine is its ability to lift the front and rear wheels out of the water when it is switched into aquatic mode. This greatly reduces the amount of drag the machine produces, helping it to achieve its waterborne top speed.

If you think you’ve seen something like the Biski before, you’re probably right. Top Gear’s lead presenter tested one of Gibbs’ other creations a few years ago on Lake Como. In that episode he rode the commercially available Quadski across the Italian lake in a race against Richard Hammond who was driving an Alfa Romeo 4C.

As it stands, the Biski is a prototype and not commercially available but if it was, we’d be at the front of the queue for a test drive!

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