Dumb and Dumber minibike for sale on eBay

Your chance to own the minibike ridden by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels 

Dumb and Dumber minibike for sale on eBay

THE minibike made famous in Dumb and Dumber is for sale on eBay, with bidding currently topping $35,700 (£25,400).

According to the listing, only two of the custom machines were built for the 1994 film. One of them was given to Planet Hollywood, while the other – this model – was given to the film’s transportation coordinator, Gordie Merrick, by the film’s directors, the Farrelly Brothers.

The current owner claims to have bought the bike from Merrick - who had kept it in storage for a couple of decades - and painstakingly restored it to its former, err, glory.

With 102 bids and 2 days left on the listing, this sought after bike is likely to sell for a lot more than its current bid.

It comes with a letter of authenticity, and not-so-authentic helmet, bag and briefcase.

But while it’s a great piece of Dumb and Dumber memorabilia, we can’t promise that your significant other will be as happy as Harry when you roll up on this bad boy.

However, if they need convincing, just remind them...