Death penalty for illegal street racing

Two street racers in China could face the death penalty

TWO motorcyclists in China who were charged with dangerous driving may face the death penalty after street racing illegally in Shanghai.

Earlier illegal street racers faced less than 15 days in jail if it was found that their activities had no adverse consequences. However, police say that in line with new guidelines the pair may get a harsher punishment of up to seven years in prison or worse, if it is found that their actions may have been detrimental to the public.

According to police, the two men met on Friday 3 February at 8pm and proceeded to speed through the streets and repeatedly disregard traffic signals on Yamaha and Honda litre bikes.

Police noticed the pair on surveillance cameras, and patrolling officers attempted to stop the duo.

The two riders evaded the police but were later identified from the surveillance camera footage and arrested. Both bikes were confiscated and police later discovered that the Yamaha was unlicensed and the Honda was using another person's licence plates.