CCTV video shows just how brazen motorcycle thieves really are

A video posted to Facebooks shows two motorcycle thieves using an angle grinder on the security chain of a motorcycle at 4am!


A shocking video has been shared on social media showing two brazen motorcycle thieves using the tried and tested angle grinder on a security chain at 4 am in the morning.

The video, shared by Richard Johnson on Facebook, shows two people arriving on another motorcycle at the house where the bike is parked. The attention instantly switches to the bike, making it seem likely that the pair were already aware of the bike’s location.

After tag-teaming the steering lock, one of the thieves runs back to the getaway bike – which has been left with its lights on parked in the street – to grab the thieving scrotes weapon of choice, a cordless angle grinder.

Bearing in mind the footage is said to have been shot at 4 am in the morning, what ensues is simply mind-blowing. The thieves proceed to cut through to the bike’s security chain, a process that takes over four minutes to complete. The act of slicing through the chain creates a massive amount of noise, although sadly it’s not enough to wake the bike’s owner or their neighbours.

Heavy sleepers aside, the video does confirm in a shocking way just how brazen these thieves really are. The way they go to work on the bike and the chain, running back and forward to the getaway bike to get tools for the job… it reeks of the impunity these people feel they have, as they roam the streets unchallenged and take what we have worked so hard for.

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