This on-board is like being in a computer game!

No you haven't become that person that watches videos of other people playing games...

This on-board is like being in a computer game!

Do not reach for the PlayStation controller... you are watching an actual real-life on-board video here.

We've previously featured Endurance World Championship rider Jeremy Guarnoni on Visordown with his twirling 360-degree camera, which offers a particularly unique insight into the forces, leans and movements that go into a full-power Superbike lap. 

However, this video - filmed over a lap of hard-braking Oschersleben in Germany - is particularly special as his SRC Kawasaki team has invested a 360-degree gyroscopic camera and placed it on the rear of the ZX-10R.

It means the odd depth perception of the camera makes it look like you are watching the whole bike in front rather than actually being on-board, or like when you have selected full view camera angle on a computer game (not least because they have helpfully added a computer game-esque lap map in the bottom right). 

Personally I prefer racing my virtual bikes from the riders' eye view, but watching this definitely makes me want to pack in work for the day and get on the console. Don't tell the boss.