Anthony Gobert's back. On Twitter.

Brief flutter on Twitter causes mass hysteria

TWITTER users got excited yesterday as Anthony Gobert signed up and started posting messages and interacting with established names in the motorcycle industry.

However, it has been revealed that @thegoshow23 was a fake profile. From the many entertaining messages @thegoshow23 posted, we loved the one to Stuart Higgs, the organiser of the British Superbike series, asking if there were any teams that needed a rider. Our Visordown profile was also messaged from @thegoshow23, with a complaint that he was 'only no.9 in our Top 10 list of Bad Boys of Biking'

We have it on good authority that the real Anthony Gobert is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment in Australia. If only he was in a fit state to ride in BSB; here at Visordown we would pay a lot of money to see that.