Afghanistan's first ski lift is powered by a motorcycle

It's certainly an unconventional use for the small-capacity two wheeler

Afghanistan motorcycle ski lift

AFGHANISTAN isn't the first place that springs to mind when you think snow sports, but the central Asian country actually boasts a burgeoning ski scene. 

And the Bamyan ski resort, 100 miles west of Kabul, is leading the charge. 

However, until recently, the small resort didn't have a ski lift, leaving skiiers to spend hours climbing the mountain in order to enjoy the 10-minute run down. 

But that changed when an American family living in the area built a rope pully using a motorcycle and wheelbarrow...

Video footage posted online shows skiiers using the rope pulley to go up the hill. With the rope wrapped around the rear wheel hub of the small-capacity bike, the faster the motorbike is revved, the faster the lift goes.  

Pretty cool, eh?

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