Alstare Suzuki loses title sponsor

Impending court action over WSB sponsorship deal

Alstare Suzuki loses title sponsor

MORE RUCTIONS in the racing world this morning: it's been announced that the title sponsor for the Alstare Suzuki WSB team Brux has split from the squad.

According to the team itself, headed by Francis Batta, the split has come about because of what's termed 'non-fulfillment of sponsorship obligations'.

It's the first time that Alstare has split with a title sponsor in the team's 25-year history.

An official statement read:

“Team Suzuki Alstare is sad to announce that, for the first time in its history, a contract with a main sponsor - in this case Mauro Tucrhetti'e company Dr. BRUX - has had to be terminated early due to the non-fulfilment of sponsorship obligations.

“Unfortunately, as the parties could not come to an amicable arrangement, for the first time in the 25-year history of Team Alstare, the settlement of this dispute will be submitted to a court for ruling.”

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