Take a Relaxing Look Around the IoM TT Course Before Practice Starts

Only a few days remain until practice starts for the IoM TT, and what better way to look forward than to take a relaxed ride around the Mountain Course?

IOM TT lap, CBR1000RR-R on-board. - YouTube/TT Travelling Marshals.

The Isle of Man TT Mountain Course is objectively one of the most spectacular - and dangerous - circuits in the world. It’s also one of the most beautiful.

That last point is hard to appreciate in the context of a racing scenario, when everything is about competition and pushing the pace on as much as possible. Slow it down a little, though, and you can take it all in.

Unfortunately for most of us, we can’t just head out for a ride around the Mountain Course whenever we please because of geography, but that’s where the TT Travelling Marshals YouTube channel comes in.

They headed out recently and recorded a lap of the course at (mostly) reduced speeds, and talked through some of the changes that have been made to the course since last year. Most of these are regarding partial resurfacing works, but also changes to trackside furniture such as distance marker boards before some corners.

Their helmet-mounted camera also allows us to take in some of the excellent views the TT course has to offer, especially up over the Mountain, but also appreciate the narrowness of the circuit in some areas. (Also, with one eye on the dash, you can appreciate the bottom-end on a Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade to comfortably run in top at 30mph.)

While on-board laps from Peter Hickman are awesome, this is equally so, just in a more chilled-out and relaxed kind of way. Like Blackwater Park and Heritage.

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