Suter to race MMX 500 at this year’s TT

Firm in talks to sign previous TT winners as riders

SUTER has announced that it will make its debut at this year’s Isle of Man TT by entering its new two-stroke MMX 500 in the Superbike and Senior races.

It’s not clear whether Suter will field a team itself, or let an already-established TT team run it.

After being granted special permission to take part in this year’s TT, Marketing Director Philip Soutter has confirmed that the company is ‘currently negotiating with two former TT winners.’ An announcement about the first of its riders is expected shortly.

Company founder Eskil Suter is confident that the 580cc V4, fuel-injected, two-stroke MMX 500 can be competitive against four-stroke superbikes from Honda, BMW, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Speaking about entering the TT, he said: ‘For us this is the perfect testing ground. Suter has built up knowledge and understanding on the specifications in recent years, by constructing modules, complete motorcycles or as supplier to all Grand Prix classes. We have a phenomenally good power to weight ratio. She drives like a bicycle with rocket propulsion.’

The £85,000 MMX 500 was unveiled in September last year as a bike that’s been created to line up on the grid for the World GP Bike Legends event. However, it’s not just an exercise in nostalgia because along with planning a road-going version, Suter has said it wants to turbo the MMX 500 and enter it at Pikes Peak in 2017.

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