Statement published on the condition of Lee Johnston

An update on the condition of Lee Johnston has been published via his Instagram account, detailing the injuries sustained in his North West 200 crash.

Statement published on the condition of Lee Johnston

A statement has been published offering the first update on the condition of Lee Johnston since his crash in Supersport practice at the North West 200 last week. 

Johnston crashed during Supersport practice last Thursday at the North West 200 motorcycle road race, and details on his condition have remained relatively scarce.

The statement, published on 16 May 2023, details Johnston's injuries as a broken femur, shoulder, foot fractures, facial fractures, numerous broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. It also describes Johnston as "on the slow road to recovery," and asks people to "respect his privacy while he’s recovering."

The statement, published on Johnson's Instagram account, reads as follows:

"Sorry nothing has been released up until this moment.

"As people are aware, Lee crashed Thursday in the Supersport practice. He was airlifted to Belfast hospital in a critical condition after having a blood transfusion on the golf course.

"It’s been a rollercoaster of a week, with lee being in intensive care since Thursday, three days on a ventilator, 8 hours in surgery.

"We are pleased to announce after suffering a broken femur, shoulder, break in the foot and face, a number of broken ribs and a collapsed lung, Lee is on the slow road to recovery.

"Lee was in a critical condition when he arrived at the Hospital, family and team were not informed of how bad of a condition he was in until the hospital staff explained the condition he was in on arrival. With this we wasn’t aware of what had been released to the public.

"We would like to say a huge thank you to every member of staff that has worked on Lee. From surgeons, doctors, nurses, we are very grateful for the treatment and care he has received.

"A huge thank you to the medical team that worked with lee to keep him alive on the way to the hospital.

"The amount of support from people has been incredible and none of it has been un noticed.

"The support towards Lee, Christie, mum, sister and the team has been incredible.

"It’s going to be a slow and hard recovery but he will be back better then ever he’s got a long journey ahead of him, we would be grateful if you could respect his privacy while he’s recovering.

"Thank you again for every single person that’s supported the past week.

"He will be back."