Dunlop alters Isle of Man TT tyre choice after NW200 issues

Dunlop amends its tyre specification choices for the upcoming 2022 Isle of Man TT after issues with the Superbike slick rear tyre on the North West 200

Conor Cummins - Padgett's Honda [credit: North West 200 Pacemaker]

Dunlop has announced it has withdrawn the Superbike-specification slick rear tyre it had planned to supply to its teams during the 2022 Isle of Man TT following issues experienced during the North West 200.

The tyre company found itself at the centre of attention during the Northern Irish road racing event earlier this month after three riders - Peter Hickman, Brian McCormack (FHO BMW) and Michael Dunlop (Hawk Suzuki) - experienced issues with the KR108 slick rear tyre during the first Superbike race.

Leading to each Dunlop-shod bike being withdrawn from the second race on safety grounds, the firm has now confirmed it will offer the D213 GP PRO specification tyre in its place for the upcoming Isle of Man TT in an effort to allay any concerns among riders and teams.

“We are racers at heart and safety is very much our first consideration. With our long history of success at the Isle of Man TT, we know what it takes to win and set lap records at one of the most challenging races in the world. 

“Following tyre conditions experienced by three Superbike riders on Dunlop KR108 slick rear race tyres at the North West 200, and understanding the importance of giving riders the confidence they need to perform on such a demanding high-speed road circuit, we have taken the decision to withdraw the KR108 slick rear tyre range from the 2022 Isle of Man TT Races and offer the D213 GP PRO treaded rear tyre range as an alternative option.”

The 2022 Isle of Man TT - the first to take place since 2019 - gets underway on Sunday 29 May and run until the 10 June 2022.