This Czech TT on-board POV gives us a proper Isle of Man TT buzz

This on-board from Martin Riedl at the Czech TT simply proves road racers are just on another level when it comes to sportspeople...

Martin Riedl - Czech TT

We love an on-board here at Visordown and when it comes to virtually joining a rider in action there is no more visually satisfying on-board than a POV (point of view) angle at the heart of a high-revving, high-speed road race.

Of course, the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course is considered the pinnacle of road racing, the veritable Mecca for motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy a pilgrimage of bouncing rev limiters, street slaloms and wheel pops at incredible speeds.

But globally there are other similarly exhilarating (baffling) road racing courses out there and for us there are few as eye-popping as the Horice course in Czech Republic. A round of the International Road Racing Championship, Horice hosts the Czech TT with a course that blends high speed, flowing curves with house and shop-lined lanes (you’ll see a Lidl whizz by), unforgiving looking street furniture and some rather dense forests poised to catch you if get it a bit wrong.

Czech TT On-Board POV video

Fortunately, there is none of that to worry about here, only the majesty that is high-speed wheel-to-wheel racing on a circuit that looks straight out of the World Rally Championship.

Introducing Martin Riedl, who has established something of a cult following on YouTube and Instagram with his regular video contributions using high-quality helmet POV cam footage – search Murtanio on both to find out more.

His channel has plenty of goodies to watch but the Czech TT is definitely our favourite as he speeds his way around the street of Horice on his Yamaha R6.

The International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) is made up of Hengelo Gld in Netherlands, Imatra in Finland, Terlicko in the Czech Republic, Chimay in Belgium, Horice in Czech Republic and Frohburg in Germany. The 2019 IRRC Champion was Davey Todd, Honda’s new Isle of Man TT rider.