Cookstown 100 organisers at odds with Motorcycling Ireland

The plan to run the Cookstown 100 this autumn has Motorcycling Ireland ‘alarmed and annoyed’

Cookstown 100

MOTORCYCLING Ireland and the Ulster Governing body are at odds with when and how the Cookstown 100 road racer should be held.

The organisers of one of Ireland’s most popular road racing events stated that they were planning to run the in September 2020, after Motorcycling Ireland (MI) had previously stated all road racing events were cancelled.

In response, MI released an abrupt statement that said “They do not have our authority or support to promote these events,” adding that they were “alarmed and annoyed” by the organisers plans to run the event regardless.

In response to the statement, the organisers of the Cookstown 100 stated that they were still planning to go ahead, albeit with a reduced spectator capacity of between 1500 and 2000. reports that Ulster Centre chairman, John McClure, did not directly address Motorcycling Ireland's comments although spoke in a personal capacity about the subject.

"We are all concerned at this world pandemic and it's going to be a different world going forward," said Mr McClure.

"The truth is no-one knows what's going to happen and when it will end.

"If any events were to go ahead it would only be with the support and agreement of our government, local councils and the wonderful NHS."

Ulster Centre of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland is also reported to be unable to go against the Motorcycling Ireland's directive.

A statement on the Cookstown 100 website posted yesterday confirms that despite the protests from Motorcycling Ireland, plans are still afoot for the event to run this September.

As previously announced, Cookstown 100 will be run as a closed event this year and will have to run with limited numbers of spectators allowed to be present at the event, whilst this will not please everyone, it is the only possible way in which the event will be allowed to run and we ask that such decision is respected as it is not within the club power to overturn this decision!

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