New MotoGP team to use former BMW 3-cyl engine

Italian privateer GP squad plan for full 2010 season

A NEW PRIVATEER team is to enter the MotoGP World Championship at the end of the season - FB Racing Team will make its debut in the last race of 2009 at Valencia on 8 November.

The team have developed a new machine designed by Oral Engineering Group led by Mauro Forghieri, former technical director of the racing division of Ferrari, and Franco Antoniazzi. The team plan to race in Valencia this year, with a view to competing for a full season in 2010.

It's believed the team are developing a prototype three-cylinder engine that will benefit from allowing greater cornering speeds than outright horsepower. It's reported the motor is bang up-to-date, with pneumatic distribution valves, electronic throttle actuation and variable intakes.

The team are remaining tight-lipped about exactly who thay'll be running in the new squad; a statement below hints the rider may be Italian:

"The premier class of two-wheelers - the slogan on the site of the new team - is getting ready to pick up a new, exciting challenge: to enter one of the best manufacturers and the best pilots of a new character, the result of an entrepreneurial spirit and an all-Italian passion."

We'll let you know more as soon as we get it.