WSB: Regis Laconi crash update (20th May)

Frenchman's surgery a success after horrific crash at Kyalami

REGIS LACONI has been operated on by the team of surgeons trying to repair his double-fractured spine after his crash on Friday at Kyalami.

The Frenchman was operated on at Sunninghill Hospital in Sandton, Johannesburg, by Dr. Maurizio Zorio and his team. The operation has been hailed as complete success, the head physician confirmed that the operation went well and Regis did not require any further intervention.

Laconi was fitted with a metal plate that stabilised the two cervical vertebrae (C3 and C5 - in the neck)fractured in the crash. In addition a fragment of bone that had lodged close to the spinal cord was also removed and plastic surgery was carried out on the relevant area with a skin graft from the hip. After this lengthy operation, Laconi was moved to intensive care for the normal period of convalescence following this type of injury. He is reported to be reacting well and in the next 24 hours will be reawakened once again to begin the long period of rehabilitation.

Regis will probably remain in hospital until the end of the month after which he will be transferred to a specialized clinic in Paris by plane. The situation is reported to be positive and barring complications, for Laconi there should be no physical consequences. Any decision regarding his eventual return to racing has, unsurprisingly, been postponed until a future date.