WSB: Hopkins highside injuries revealed

Six-week recovery plan for Anglo-American racer

JOHN HOPKINS' injuries after his highside out of the Assen WSB round last Friday were more serious than first thought, that's the news from the surgeons who have operated on the American overnight.

After undergoing successful surgery in America the Stiggy Racing Honda rider is now hoping to return to competitive action at the US round at the Miller Motorsport Park on May 31.

His injuries ran to a posterior fracture dislocation of the left hip, which it took five solvable screws to fix, and Hopkins believes it was his most painful injury of his career. "I have never been in so much pain in my whole life even though I have been in a few crashes!.

"I was thrown into the air and landed on the track with my feet first. After an agonising wait in the hospital, I felt slightly better when my hip was put back into place, but on Saturday morning I just felt like I had been run over by a train. Fortunately, my wife made a surprise visit to see me in Assen and supported me throughout the long flight back home. I had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Ting on Monday morning to get a clear indication of the sustained injuries, and set a realistic plan for my recovery. I will now start my therapy in a couple of days and have set my goal on being ready to race again in the US round. It is a shame this nasty crash happened, as the bike felt really good straight out of the box on Friday morning, and I was looking forward to competing for a top position."

Dr Ting, the surgeon who completed the operation, said he expected it to be two weeks before John could contemplate any training, and that, in his own words, "I expect his full recovery to take up to six weeks, but with John anything is possible."

At least he didn't damage his pearly-white teeth.