Near crash on second Subaru IoM record attempt

Car fails to beat Monday's time, and here's why...

Near crash on second Subaru IoM record attempt

RALLY driver Mark Higgins took a second stab at the four-wheeled lap record for cars at the TT yesterday, failing to beat his own time from Monday after a near crash at the bottom of Bray Hill.

Calling it “the biggest moment of my life,” Higgins seems surprisingly calm having controlled a lock-to-lock slide nearly flat out in sixth gear, fishtailing all the way to Ago's Leap. Calm or not, the lap speed was 'only' 110mph, compared to 113mph on Monday's first practice lap.

For the lap, Higgins was accompanied by US magazine Road and Track's photographer Chris Cantle. who manages to keep a remarkably straight face as his life flashes before his eyes...

Higgins and the Subaru (which despite its roll cage and loud exhaust is close to standard specification) will be going for another lap today if the TT stays on schedule.

3D version:

In car view:

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