MotoGP: Lorenzo - both ankles confirmed broken

Hi-tech scans reveal both Jorge's ankles are fractured

Lorenzo .. had to be lifted off his bike after the race

JORGE LORENZO'S woes continue, despite his great ride to fourth in the
Chinese MotoGP - as was the first to tell you on Friday, the Spaniard
has now been officially diagnosed with two broken ankles.

Once he got back to Barcelona after Sunday's Chinese GP round, Lorenzo had a
three-dimension scan with a TAC machine.
The procedure showed that the Spaniard had suffered a fracture in his right
ankle and a break in the lateral ligament in his left.

The twice 250cc World Champion visited Xavier Mir for the diagnosis, the
same doctor who performed his recent carpal tunnel surgery a couple of weeks ago.
Mir confirmed that the injury suffered during an horrific highside in
Friday's GP practice is much more serious than was originally thought by those
outside the team.

Lorenzo will have to be put under a series of treatments and tough
immobilization. Mir said: "The next Monday we will make a new exploration and be more
exact about how bad the injuries are and how long they will take to fully

According to Mir, it is not certain that Lorenzo will make the next round of