MotoGP: Hector Barbera 160mph crash video

'God was looking after me in Mugello crash'

Proof that you can walk away from a 160mph crash

SPANISH 250 star Hector Barbera says that he now believes that God exists – and the omnipotent one was watching over him during his horrific collision and 160mph crash during Sunday’s Mugello race.

Barbera clipped the back of Marco Simoncelli’s bike as the Italian started weaving across the track as the pair came onto the start/finish straight in an effort to stop Barbera slipstreaming.

The resulting touch jammed Barbera’s bike’s front brake on and sent the Spaniard over the handlebars. Amazingly, he wasn’t hurt in the fall.

Last night, he said: “God exists!

“I was going it to lead into the last turn and shoot the bike out in a straight line. But I couldn’t get close enough going into the turn so I had to try and slipstream coming out of it. We touched and I fell.

“We were going very fast and after the fall and lack of serious injury I believe that God exists and that when it is your time, it is your time – when it’s not, it’s not.

“After the fall I was dizzy, I moved my fingers to see if they were there, and they were. I was stunned. I tried to stand up but fell against the wall.

“The race was going so well too, it was one of the easiest of my life, right up until I fell.”