Local gym helps Scott Redding's fitness regime

British 125cc Grand Prix winner gets help from local business after several gyms refuse over age concerns

SCOTT REDDING has been given free membership for a local gym, finally allowing him to get over a mass of red tape that stopped him training properly in the UK.

Redding struggled to find somewhere to prepare for races because of his young age, which led some gyms to refuse him entry for insurance reasons. The youngest winner of a MotoGP 125cc race was forced to workout in his uncle's makeshift home gym or abroad in France and Spain.

His uncle Daryl Powell said that the teenager needed to be able to train properly for future competitions if he was to replicate his success in the 125cc class at Donnington Park in June. Powell said: "He has to do two hours training every day. He needs to do swimming, work on running machines and every kind of machine. "We have someone who could be best in the world, but Gloucester and Britain don't seem to want to know."

However, help was at hand in the form of Riverside Sports and Leisure who offered Redding free use of their four gyms, pool and other facilities.