Kawasaki 250 Ninja race series – but in Spain only

Fearless teenagers going mental on 250s - sounds like fun

Imagine a grid full of these beauties...

IT SOUNDS terrific, we only wish it was happening in the UK too. Kawasaki has announced a new championship one-make series as part of the program for the Mediterranean Championship of Speed.

The series is open to riders from just 13 years old riding the company’s Ninja 250R.

The Catalan Federation of Motociclismo and the Monlau School Competition will look after new Junior Cup with the series being held at Albacete (July 13), Montmeló (July 20), Cheste (September 14), Alcarrás (October 12) and Motor Parc Castellolí (November 30).

The entire series will cost just 9,000 Euros (£6,500).

Please, please, pleeeeeease Mr Kawasaki and Mr BSB, can we have something like this in the UK? It’d be awesome.