Guy Martin bounces back at Oliver's Mount

TT ace secures a win and a fourth after crashing earlier in the day

LIKEABLE LINCOLNSHIRE loony Guy Martin ended up crashing out of a heat race at Oliver’s Mount yesterday before bouncing back to take a win and a fourth place finish in the two Superbike races at the Ian Watson Spring National meeting.

Martin fell in the first Superbike heat race, after he lost the front end going in to the Esses, but went on to secure a fourth and a win in the Ian Watson Superbike Trophy.

Guy said: “It’s good to get my first win of the season under the belt although it’s been another fraught day. With the larger tank on the bike, the handling of the bike was way off and you can’t manhandle it around like you can with the smaller, short circuit tank so we had to make a fair few changes to get it anywhere near right.

“The bike was a lot better at the beginning of the heat race although tipping in to the Esses, the front end just completely washed out and I was in the hedge before I knew it. We got the bike patched up in time for the first Superbike race but I made a complete pig’s ear of the start and nearly flipped the thing but I got my head down and got up to 4th before the red flags came out. I made no mistake later in the day though and once I’d got to the front, I managed to keep Ryan at bay to take the win.

“Like Brands Hatch last week with the 600, we’ve learnt a lot about the Superbike today and now we know what adjustments need to be made prior to the North West 200. It’s been valuable time on the bike and better to encounter the problems here rather than at the North West so we can now look forward and make sure we’ve got everything covered for when we arrive in Northern Ireland.”