First Look: Blusens Honda MotoGP2 600

Pics and specs of Blusens entry into the new 600cc MotoGP class

Bluesens MotoGP2 600

HERE'S THE first pics of the BDR Honda MotoGP2 prototype bike, just been launched by the team in Madrid.

Details are sketchy about the final bike at the moment, but we understand it's a tweaked 600cc proddie motor with a tiny, prototype frame around it.

Which raises the question; apart from a bit of frame work, how is this different to the World Supersport machines?

Because unless it is different, there's going to be one hell of a legal fight between the two championships...

Motor: Four cylinder in line 4-stroke, 16 valve DOHC liquid cooled

Origin: Honda

Piston displacement: 599cc

Diameter by race: 67 xs 42.5 mm

Maximum power: 140 CB

Carburetion: electronic injection PGM-FI. Diameter of the butterfly: 40 mm.

Fuel tank: 22 litres

Clutch: mechanical

Transmission: six speeds

Frame: double aluminum beam

Dimensions: 1,990 X.500 x 1,000 mm

Angle of launching: 22º55' (variable)

Advance: 95 mm (variable)

Height of the seat: 700 mm

Front bracket: Inverted Showa of 43 mm of diameter

Back suspension: Showa shock absorber of 55 mm of route

Rims: of forged magnesium

Advantage: 17 xs 3,75

Back: 17 xs 6

Front tire: Dunlop 125/80-17

Back tire: Dunlop 190/55-17

Front brake: Disc of 300 mm, tweezers of four pistons and radial anchorage Galfer

Back brake: Disc of 220 mm, clamp of two Galfer pistons

Weight in sequence of march: 137 kilos