Ducati breaks Harley stranglehold at AMA flat track

Joe Kopp steals victory to give Ducati first-ever AMA flat track win

AN AMERICAN flat track ace has given patriotic Harley-Davidson supporters something to think about after taking victory at the Arizona Mile on a Ducati flat track racer.

Ducati-mounted Joe Kopp ended Harley-Davidson's stranglehold on the class after he took victory in last weekend's AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Championships. The result gives Ducati their first AMA flat track win.

Harley-Davidson riders took eight of the remaining nine places in the weekend's top 10.

See Kopp testing the Ducati in the attached video.

AMA Pro Racing GNC Twins National: 1. Joe Kopp (Duc); 2. Sammy Halbert (H-D); 3. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D); 4. Jared Mees (H-D); 5. Chris Carr (H-D); 6. Jake Johnson (H-D); 7. JR Schnabel (H-D); 8. Rob Pearson (H-D); 9. Don Taylor (H-D); 10. Luke Gough (Suz); 11. Henry Wiles (H-D); 12. Aaron King (Rot); 13. Brandon Robinson (H-D); 14. Mick Kirkness (H-D); 15. Chad Cose (Suz); 16. Nichole Cheza (H-D); 17. Bryan Smith (Kaw); 18. Matt Weidman (BMW).

Via AMA Pro Racing