David Knight wins USA Grand National

Manxman shows the yanks how it's done

PROVING HE'S virtually unstoppable on the dirt, the Isle of Man’s David Knight showed why he's the defending Grand National Cross Country motocross champion by storming to another win in the States yesterday.

Knight took an easy win in the GNCC's season-opening contest yesterday afternoon in Florida. He proved his class with a stunning time of 2:48m 41s – Knight destroyed the competition early on, leaving the rest scrapping it out in a brutal four-way fight for second place.

"It was pretty humid for me, and it was hard breathing," Knight said. "When you're riding in minus-two degrees and ice and snow all winter and then you come here, the heat is kind of a shock."

Jimmy Jarrett of Beloit, Ohio eventually crossed the line for second with Garrett Edmisten of Vero Beach third. Edmisten reportedly stumbled, exhausted, onto the podium to accept his trophy before revealing a three-inch gash in his hand that he had suffered on the opening lap.

"He's wobbly, he's spent, but he's on the podium," shouted master of ceremonies Jason Weigandt. Supercross and freestyle star Travis Pastrana took part in the GNCC and led for the first lap, but eventually finished well behind the leaders in 18th place.

He said: "The first lap was cool. I just went all-out. I was like, 'Yeah, I can run this pace.' And then I realised it was a three-hour event, and that's probably why everyone was pacing themselves. Knight passed me, and I kind of waved him bye."

The 13-race GNCC motocross series continues next weekend in Washington, Georgia.